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The FunPod was the first of its kind in Europe and we are proud to have been keeping children safe in the kitchen since 2006.
  • This multi award-winning toddler FunPod learning tower is suitable from independent standing age up to 5 or 6 years (height dependant)
  • Allows safe elevation to kitchen worktops on a height adjustable platform
  • Scalloped feet for safety and anti-tip, including locking footplate
  • Praised by a leading professor of obesity, the FunPod helps children learn about food and nutrition, learning essential life skills
  • Applauded for promoting parent and child bonding at such an important age
  • Children form their habits and opinions between 1 and 4 so this is an essential time to get them involved in the kitchen and all things foody
  • Fully tested to European safety standards
  • Modern kids furniture for the kitchen.

Problem Solved!

  • Avoid that dangerous situation of trying to balance your child on the kitchen side or chair while you prepare dinner
  • Prevent your child from reaching dangerous kitchen items like the kettle, knives, hot surfaces.
  • Solves the problem of keeping your child safe, occupied and happy in one place, whilst teaching them valuable life skills.

The Child Accident Prevention Trust remind us that 5 children die in accidents every week whilst over 2,000 are admitted to hospital. A large proportion of these accidents occur in the home involving under 5's as they try to get involved with kitchen-related activities and employ precarious methods to get up to adult level at the worktop. Short of standing your toddler on a chair or sitting them on a worktop, getting them involved in the kitchen is a nerve-wracking and anxious experience for most parents. Award-winning FunPod from Little Helper provides a safe environment to get your toddlers up to the worktop on their own safely constructed platform to help, interact, learn and play. 

Fully safety tested, the FunPod replaces all of those precarious unsafe methods that our little ones employ to see what is happening at the work surface. Simply stand your toddler inside the FunPod away from anything sharp or hot and let them explore your world. 

Food Education 
Between the ages of one and four years, children form their habits and opinions that mould their later lives. This is an essential time to get them involved in the whole food experience, giving them the necessary life skills needed for a healthy lifestyle. Children are more likely to experiment with food and try new things if they've had a hand in preparing it. FunPod can make that happen. 

Parent & Child Bonding 
In our busy and hectic lives, finding a spare hour to spend some quality time with our toddlers can be difficult. The FunPod gives freedom to spend some quality time with our little ones WHILST preparing lunch or dinner.


  • Material: FSC MFMDF
  • Dimensions: 51 x 51.9 x 84.7 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Fully safety tested to European Standards
  • Please ensure your baby can stand unaided and the top of the FunPod is level with your child's chest. Adult supervision required
  • 12 months standard warranty. A five year manufacturer's warranty is available upon emailing
  • Order before 11am for next day delivery to UK mainland addresses (allow a further 5 days for international orders).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Katherine Clarke
Perfect for a busy 1 year old!

My son loves his new funpod! He is a very energetic boy and always wants to be involved and see what we are doing so I thought this would help keep him happy when I am trying to cook. He reaches his arms up to ask to go in and spends quite some time standing at the kitchen side with different objects, eating a snack or just watching me! We chose the funpod as he also loves climbing and I worry that other learning towers wouldn't be as safe for him as he could fall out or try to climb in when we arent watching. This is so much safer!

Adam Barker
Fantastic old school service! Highly recommended and great products!

We bought a FunPod recently for our little one, in order that they could see what food etc we were preparing on the kitchen work surfaces in safety.

First off, it's a brilliant product and is adjustable so it will span a good number of years. It's also really well made so it can either be handed down or sold on even. They're very much sought after!

It looks really tasteful/classy in the dove grey and is also very sturdily built. Really a great product!

I'd like to take this moment to also tell you about another really brilliant part of the experience with Little Helper.

Unfortunately when ours arrived it had a very small manufacturing defect.

I contacted the company and was emailed back by Kim, whom I later also spoke to on the phone.

She was utterly brilliant in dealing with our issue and resolved it very quickly by looking to send out some spare parts. Ultimately they couldn't get hold of the spares so a whole new unit was sent out to us.

I was kept informed during the whole process and Kim and her small team have been amazing. It really is a level of customer service that is sadly lacking in this day and age.

Well done, Little Helper team! A fantastic product backed up by excellent customer service.

Little one loves it!

We bought this product on a whim as my 13 month old was getting a bit fed up of being left in her high chair or on the floor when we were in the kitchen. She is very nosy so this was an instant hit for her - she can watch us cook, make coffee, hand us things on the counter and wash her hands from it. It's saved us from a few tantrums already! It feels very sturdy with no risk of tipping over and only took about 15-20 minutes to put together. The grey also looks really stylish and blends in well with my kitchen. Would definitely recommend if you're looking for a stand for your toddler!

Life changing

I can not recommended this enough. I often found cooking quite tricky with my 18 month old and was either trying to simultaneously play with her or resorting to screen time to try to get dinner sorted. I had looked around and found that this looked to be the safest kitchen helper on the market with no gaps for younger toddlers to fall from and after emailing Kim to ask about sturdiness and recieving a detailed reply, I felt confident that it was also pretty topple proof. This really has been a game changer for me. It's safe, sturdy, slim enough not to be too intrusive in the kitchen and most of all keeps my active toddler busy in the kitchen. She can wash vegetables and fruit, mix ingredients, practise chopping with her baby knife and loves making meals like pizzas with me. She feels so involved and knows she is part of the process now rather than getting frustrated that I couldn't give her my full attention while cooking. Making dinner is a lot less stressful (although maybe slightly more messy!) and I feel that my daughter is learning important skills from an early age.

Mariyana Gavrilova
Pleasantly surprised

I came across this product by searching for a cheaper version of Montessory box, advertised on social media which was triple the price of this Fun Pod, which would have taken ages to be delivered. I was stuck at home with covid and a toddler full of energy who overcome the desease quite quickly and needed entertainment. I was sceptical ordering this Fun Pod as I knew nothing of Little Helper but the few emails exchanged with Kim and her colleagues gave me confidence. We were pleasantly surprised to receive it a day from ordering and it was so easy to assemble. I'm very very happy with the look, the finish and the size of the pod! Our boy straight away liked standing in it while "helping out" in the kitchen. In the first day of using it, I was able to cook three meals and wash up without asking my partner to look after our 17 month old rascal 🥰