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The FunPod was the first of its kind in Europe and we are proud to have been keeping children safe in the kitchen since 2006

  • This multi award-winning toddler FunPod learning tower is suitable from independent standing age up to 5 or 6 years (height dependant)
  • Allows safe elevation to kitchen worktops on a height adjustable platform
  • Scalloped feet for safety and anti-tip, including locking footplate
  • Praised by a leading professor of obesity, the Fun pod helps children learn about food and nutrition, learning essential life skills
  • Applauded for promoting parent and child bonding at such an important age
  • Children form their habits and opinions between 1 and 4 so this is an essential time to get them involved in the kitchen and all things foody
  • Fully tested to European safety standards
  • Modern kids furniture for the kitchen.

Problem Solved!

  • Avoid that dangerous situation of trying to balance your child on the kitchen side or chair while you prepare dinner
  • Prevent your child from reaching dangerous kitchen items like the kettle, knives, hot surfaces.
  • Solves the problem of keeping your child safe, occupied and happy in one place, whilst teaching them valuable life skills.

The Child Accident Prevention Trust remind us that 5 children die in accidents every week whilst over 2,000 are admitted to hospital. A large proportion of these accidents occur in the home involving under 5's as they try to get involved with kitchen-related activities and employ precarious methods to get up to adult level at the worktop. Short of standing your toddler on a chair or sitting them on a worktop, getting them involved in the kitchen is a nerve-wracking and anxious experience for most parents. Award-winning FunPod from Little Helper provides a safe environment to get your toddlers up to the worktop on their own safely constructed platform to help, interact, learn and play. 

Fully safety tested, the FunPod replaces all of those precarious unsafe methods that our little ones employ to see what is happening at the work surface. Simply stand your toddler inside the FunPod away from anything sharp or hot and let them explore your world.

Food Education 
Between the ages of one and four years, children form their habits and opinions that mould their later lives. This is an essential time to get them involved in the whole food experience, giving them the necessary life skills needed for a healthy lifestyle. Children are more likely to experiment with food and try new things if they've had a hand in preparing it. FunPod can make that happen. 

Parent & Child Bonding 
In our busy and hectic lives, finding a spare hour to spend some quality time with our toddlers can be difficult. The FunPod gives freedom to spend some quality time with our little ones WHILST preparing lunch or dinner.


  • Material: FSC MFMDF
  • Dimensions: 51 x 51.9 x 84.7 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Fully safety tested to European Standards
  • Please ensure your baby can stand unaided and the top of the FunPod is level with your child's chest. Adult supervision required
  • 12 months standard warranty. A five year manufacturer's warranty is available upon
  • Order before 11am for next day delivery to UK mainland addresses (allow a further 5 days for international orders).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Best thing I've ever bought

I've had this one day and it has already saved my sanity. My 15 month old screams at me every time I have to do anything in the kitchen because he wants to be picked up which was killing my arms and back and making everything much harder work. It solved one problem but opened a new one as he doesnt want to get out of this!! He absolutely loves it! It is very very heavy which makes it hard to move around (put it together in living room and was very hard getting it to the kitchen) but this just goes to show the quality and how sturdy it is. Once in the kitchen it's easy to push around to move it.
Excellent customer service, arrived very quickly, fantastic quality. Super pleased with my purchase!

Rachel McGuire

Brilliant product. Beautifully made. Our little boy already loves it. Great customer service.

Really great piece of Kit

Loved this! Bought when our daughter was just over a year and still in use aged 4.
Even in our tiny kitchen it allowed her to join in in the kitchen, preparing meals and sampling ingredients as we cooked.
By 9 she would happily make a Victoria Sponge without any help. Now aged nearly 12 she's a proper little foodie, often cooks dinner and has dreams of one day becoming a chef.

Susan Morris
Superb quality

Purchased for my 2 year old grandson. Beautifully made, safe, stable and secure. He loves it. Kim at my little helper was really helpful, answered my questions promptly. Arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. Would highly recommend.

Solid quality and a great help in the kitchen!

Really easy to put together and not too fiddly, this is a really solid platform for our daughter to stand on. She's quite tall for her age and at 14 months we set the platform one level down from the highest position, so there's still plenty of use for her as she grows!

We wish we'd bought this earlier as it allows us a bit of extra time while cooking, washing pots, hanging up clothes to dry. She enjoys being in it, whether it's being close enough to the work surface to feel involved in food prep or just watching us, playing peek-a-boo by squatting down and standing back up so we can see her or just watching us and dancing on the spot while we talk to her and keep her entertained while moving around!

Yes, it's not the cheapest of items you'll buy, but it is worth its weight in gold and will definitely last longer than your little one will need it for, as it is a really well thought out and well made item. (Order: LH12855)