Interlocking Montessori Thick Foam Play Floor Mats | Jigsaw Mats for Baby Playpens and Playrooms | Multicoloured

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These 29cm square thick foam mats are interlocking and modular so you can make different configurations.

Ideal for playrooms, bedrooms or playpens, these play mats are durable, easy to clean and provide a comfortable base for baby.

Soft and warm for Children to play and eat on the mat while protecting the flooring or carpets from scratches and stains.

This mat is ideal for play areas, exercise rooms, daycares, schools or personal gym at home.

Features & Specifications:

  • Available in sets of 9s
  • Made from  soft, safe, durable EVA foam
  • Multiple shapes can be made with interlocking panels
  • Can be made into boxes as well as floor mats or even a den
  • Easy to clean with damp cloth and mild soap
  • Puzzle pieces help children learn shapes and colours, part of the Montessori method of learning
  • Waterproof
  • Each mat is 29 x 29 x 0.8cm

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Customer Reviews

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Theresa Booth
Interesting, functional & long lasting!

Possible to lie on the squares, increase the area, make shapes & even ‘dens’- perfect and play hop scotch.

Great, non toxic, and won’t damage your floors

We brought these to replace some that were similar but that we found were leaking dye into our floor. I’m really glad we found these instead because they’re lovely colours, the colour doesn’t leak - which seems to be a problem with lots of cheaper ones - and they’re non toxic. A great improvement :)