Kids 3-in-1 Table & Chairs | Reversible Top | Blackboard | Orange Storage Drawers

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This lovely high quality, white and natural wood table and chairs set is perfect for siblings or friends to play at. With a reversible desk top - one side blackboard, the other a glossy white table top, there is storage underneath the top. And as if that wasn't enough, the chairs come with orange fabric drawers so you can put everything away at the end of the day!

The drawers allow toys and paraphernalia to be hidden away when it's not in use. Something we have to be thankful for as parents!

The table top is easily changeable into a chalkboard so arts and crafts have never been easier. The table top can even be removed completely to leave a recess in the table to give access to even more storage or can be used to play in to avoid toys and accessories falling on the floor. 


  • Dimensions 60 x 60 x48 (Table)
  • Dimensions 30 x 28.5 x 52.5 (Chair)
  • Pack dimensions: 63 x 12 x 73cm
  • MDF and Wood Mix
  • Weight 15kg
  • Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery of this item for UK mainland (allow extra time for international orders).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Philippe M.
Good sturdy furniture, finish not that great

This is a really cute and lovely set for any kid (and their siblings or friends). We bought it for our 18m old so she can sit down and scribble, what she loves most. The storage features are great and our daughter loves putting stuff in and pulling it out again.

A couple of things that annoyed me a bit; the finish of the colour/coat was not that great. In some areas it either seemed to come off or wasn't properly coated in first place (mostly the feet of the chairs) - I noticed that when I built assembled the items, so definitely not because of usage. At the table there is a spot that looked like either the wood wasn't sanded down properly or there is something else under the coat that makes it rough and look unfinished/damaged. Nothing major though.

General feedback: I'd love some sort of "security" feature for the table top. Our 18m already tried a few times to lift the plate by herself or pull something out of the table storage and either dropped the table top or got her fingers in after the plate was sliding out of it's frame. Whilst I understand that some people might find 18m a bit young anyway, to be fair, this would apply to any older children too. Even if it's a little clip on each side that would prevent it from easily being lifted up. That'd be great.

Other than that, absolutely happy with the setup, chairs also hold a grown-up, so you can join your kid! And also happy with the colour combinations!

Lovely little table and chair set with storage!

Ordered this little table and chair set, as it has storage to help us keep the place tidy. The quality of the product is really good, and it feels very sturdy. Assembling it is easy to follow, and you can see when you do it, that its not flimsy, with plenty of reinforcing screws that will really help it to last! The design is beautiful, and its really nifty to have a table top that you can flip over into a chalk board. Delivery was very quick and customer service was impeccable. Nothing but good words to say ab out Little Helpers. Thank you again Sally!

Linda Carmody

Really good solid piece of furniture. Easily assembled as it is well made. Very good customer service. Def recommend. Very happy customer.

Lindsey Saunders
Highly Recommend!

Not only are the table and chairs absolutely wonderful, the customer service is the best I've ever experienced. Sally Savage, you are a wonderful person and a credit to this company!

Super easy to assemble - I did it with a 1 yo and a 4 yo running around me trying to 'help'!