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Our sloth is just taking a nap. But he's forgotten something: it's playtime!

Rise and shine for this attractive wooden game of skill for kids aged 3 and over! This balancing game features a sloth hanging from its branch, and 15 sticks. It can be played by one or more players. The aim of the game? Put as many sticks on the sloth's belly as you can before it lets go of the branch! The player who puts on one stick too many is the loser! Each leaf in this pretty game is made of soft felt.

This game is perfect for developing patience and dexterity. FSC®-certified game (wood from sustainably managed forests)


  • Balancing game consisting of a magnetic sloth hanging from its branch and 15 sticks
  • For one or more players: great for group play
  • The player who places the stick that makes the others tumble loses the game
  • Helps develop patience and dexterity
  • For kids aged 3 and over
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