Baby & Kids Trends for 2021

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Above shows you colour trends for Autumn and Winter 2021/22 so if you're having a baby next year, could this look be for you?

So much of children’s lives are about telling stories, so it’s only natural that the products we choose to surround children with tell their own compelling tale.

We believe children respond to their own set of influences, and we collect data from the worlds of education and parenting, looking at government policy, the art of play, childhood development, health, nourishment and future technology.

We use this to form the foundations of our trend forecasts for children, breaking this into distinct age brackets, and applying them to our brands which include nursery furniture and toys.

For 2021 and beyond, our trends see families embrace the rapidly changing world that surrounds them; from the intersection of technology and culture to sustainable material innovation and changes in education - Montessori style education will be at the forefront - if you aren't sure what Montessori learning is, check out our recent blog post that tells you everything you need to know. Children immerse themselves in a new world with a hopeful outlook, while grandparents impart valuable knowledge to help little ones build relationships and tackle an uncertain future. As our legacy for the future, children become the focus for design, with their creativity being celebrated and encouraged.

The home has increasingly become a place for self-expression; sharing our home styling on social media platforms tells the world a story about our personal taste in a way that previously fashion, cars and accessories did. This year particularly, the home has become the centre of our universe and as a result of video conferencing, they are more on show now than ever before.

This will drive householders to recreate social experiences at home, expressing their personality through their homeware and interiors. This applies to parents too, who don’t want to be wholly defined by parenthood and when it comes to style, they don’t want to compromise.

Modern parents don't want to compromise on the style of their home to accommodate their child's playthings. The Scandinavian look has become a popular choice in family living spaces and we are now seeing parents demand similar design aesthetics across more products, from soft play accessories and ball pits to paddling pools and partyware.

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