Christmas is coming - do you wait for Black Friday or not for deals?

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Q4 as known in retail (quarter 4, i.e. September - December) is the biggest period in the majority of a retailer's year.  It's when we all spend lots of money on our loved ones so the demand for products is so much higher at this bonkers time of year.  This year, it's going to be a little different.  More and more people are shopping online because of COVID (this has got to be THE most typed word this year - uggghh) but there isn't going to be the volume of product out there as normal. As Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become the busiest days in the retail calendar, are you going to wait until them to buy your Christmas presents?  I would recommend not! 

There are more boats on the water now than planes in the sky (ok, that's also to do with COVID - ugggh, that word again - see you can't avoid it!) and manufacturing is behind.  Lots of factories have shut down the world over so getting product is tough for a lot of manufacturers.  We're lucky - our factories haven't been affected more than the standard shut down so we've been planning ahead since April to make sure we don't run out of stock but even worse, boats are struggling to dock at UK ports and either have to bob around in the open seas or sail onto Europe and come back - all the while putting everything back!  We are seeing this time and time and time again at the moment.

Everyone is clambering for business so there are deals to be had before Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  My advice is not to wait if you know that there is something that your loved ones definitely want or need.  Get it early if you can and scour the internet for voucher codes - you can save a fortune!  Follow your favourite brands on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - like us, many brands offer deals to those that are part of their community and like to reward followers.

Happy shopping all - hard to believe that we are talking about Christmas when i am looking out at a bright blue sky and 25 degrees in September.

And just in case you're reading this, use code VIP10 if you want to bag yourself a 10% discount between now and Christmas!

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